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Congratulations on your new position! We are so pleased you have chosen to work in this field because we need committed and competent staff working in every job role in all areas of aging services. We know you will bring your best self to this new position.

Your new organization is a part of the Culture Change Movement, which means they are transforming the way they do things in their organization to be more person-centered.

As part of your onboarding and orientation, you are about to go through an educational series called Onboarding with CULTURE CHANGE Matters, which will provide a strong overview that will prepare you for success.

The rest of the staff have already gone through the content in the interactive CULTURE CHANGE Matters series, and we want you to be exposed to this “on day one” so that you will be familiar with the concepts, the practices, and the language as you begin your new career here.

These modules were developed by the Culture Change Network of Georgia in collaboration with Georgia State University Gerontology Institute. The Culture Change Network of Georgia is a state-wide network of stakeholders supporting not only quality of care, but quality of life for all older Georgians.

The mission of the Culture Change Network of Georgia is to change the way we think and feel about aging and disability by creating the kind of care and support we want for our loved ones and ourselves.

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