CULTURE CHANGE Matters for Direct Care & Support Associates

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Welcome to CULTURE CHANGE Matters. This fun and interactive series is going to focus on “Person-Centered Care” and “Culture Change.”

In this course, we’re  going to move beyond just the definitions and the regulations so that you develop a deep understanding of what it is, practices that will help you do it, and a true awareness about WHY it is so important to and for everyone. You’ll see that this is simply a different way to think about what you are already doing!

These modules were developed by the Culture Change Network of Georgia in collaboration with Georgia State University Gerontology Institute. The Culture Change Network of Georgia is a state-wide network of stakeholders supporting not only quality of care, but quality of life for all older Georgians.

The mission of the Culture Change Network of Georgia is to change the way we think and feel about aging and disability by creating the kind of care and support we want for our loved ones and ourselves.

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